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Halloween is fun for me, because we have a lot of kids in our neighborhood. It also sparks so many happy memories since my dad used to help me make my Halloween costumes and made really scary decorations.

This year I made a Pirate Ship and treasure chest and will place it up at the road in order to have another socially distanced Trick-or-treat once again. I got pearl colored pit balls, plastic diamond shaped cosmetic containers, candy bars with gold wrappers, and ring pops to fill up my treasure chest with.🥰

I made the treasure chest from a plastic tote and hardware. The ship starts with 3 wooden pallets, light strand, then covered with landscaper's fabric. I used gold spray paint on a black bath towel to create the flag. And for the pirate skeleton, I made the head from an upside-down Tide pod container and put a lamp inside with an LED faux flame bulb inside. The body is a wire wine rack wrapped with a graduation gown. I made the skeleton hands from clothes hangers & duct tape!

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