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Serious Shortages This Fall & Winter!!!

As a homemaker, I strongly recommend stocking up on cold/flu medicine & dehydrated potatoes today! This week the FDA announced that it will probably discontinue all pill forms of the decongestant phenylephrine, because it was found innaffective since the drug doesn't reach your sinuses and nose very well when taken orally. This will cause an extreme shortage of all cold medications if they pull those off of the shelves, then other types remaining will be on such high demand that they will probably run out of everything at the worst time of year possible- cold & flu season!

The other shortage is potatoes. The reasons why they have increased in price by 60% SINCE LAST YEAR are that they delayed planting as many acres (due to high demand of other vegetables) and water shortages. If you use potatoes as a staple in your home, either grow them or stock up on dehydrated and canned ones right now. This will last throughout the winter at the least!

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