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Legacy of Family Recipes

An interior design professor once told us that our most vivid memories can be spurred by the sense of smell. I have hundreds of hours of wonderful memories with family baking for the holidays and making favorite meals together as my kitchen is filled with scents from baking today! Sadly, many of my beloved family members have passed away but one way I can keep their memories alive are by making the recipes that they passed down to me. Randall's grandma passed on many great recipes to us and she demonstrated to me her special little touches to me as she created perfection! She loved everyone so much and put her whole heart into her cooking. Her food was incredible, but she left behind such a bigger legacy of love! She did not contain her love to just her family- but to the entire world, because she followed Jesus's footsteps. She volunteered thousands of hours spanning decades in the communities where she lived which included (but not limited to) making 30 pies and cakes once-a-month for her local community center into her 90's. She always made homemade pie crusts too! Today I am making her Butter Cookies for a neighbor having a tough year and I hope they bring her a little bit of Joy (like they do for me)! 💕

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