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Italian Wedding Soup

In the spirit of New Year's Resolutions and healthier food choices, I've substituted Ground Turkey for the Pork Sausage that this recipe calls for. I highly recommend any one of Racheal Ray's cookbooks, because they are quick, wholesome, and don't use exotic ingredients (so you may not have to take extra trips to the grocery store! I don't usually have fresh parmasan cheese on hand, but it tastes good with the powdered "sawdust" versions as well. 😆 Today I used some stale crackers in life of bread crumbs too. You do not have to buy bread crumbs if you save the bread crusts by letting them dry out on your counter! I prefer using Barley for the pasta, but all I had today was parboiled brown rice. Rachel Ray mentioned on her cooking show, 30 Minute Meals, that Italians used whatever leftovers they have for this soup.

Italian Wedding Soup (from Rachel Ray's book Comfort Foods).

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