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I Hate Walmart

We are no longer going to buy anything else from Walmart or Sam's Club! If you work there, I urge you to go to find another employer, if possible, because you are under-payed, they do not offer you fair benefits, and you are under appreciated by both management and customers. I've never approved of most of their business practices, but two of the policies that they've just implemented within the last few months finally convinced us not to give them any more of our money: their anti-firearms policy & the new metal security gates (that they installed in some store in order to reduce shoplifting) that closed on me and bruised my leg when I was attempting to leave the store without walking between the registers because I did not buy anything so I was just attempting to walk through the way that I came in.

I grew up just a few towns away from Bentonville, Arkansas where the empire all began. Sam Walton was a great guy who had compassion for all people, wanted to offer products that cost less to consumers, and was so business savvy that his family is currently one of the most wealthy in the world (billionaires)! The man could be seen helping people change tires on the side of the road while from his old beat-up pickup truck while wearing overalls. Things started going downhill as soon as his greedy & corrupt children started taking over the corporation.