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How to make MEAD

Ingredients: 14# Raw Organic Honey, 4 gallons Distilled Water, 1 small package of Brewer's Yeast, the juice of 6 Lemons, grated peeling of 1 orange, a bottle of whole cloves, and a bottle of whole cinnamon sticks. Activate the yeast in a small pan with a little distilled water (according to instructions on the package). Heat honey and remaining water on the stove (but not too hot to kill the yeast). Combine the activated yeast mixture. Put all of the citrus and spices into a 5 gallon carboy (that has been sanitized). Then pour the liquid into it using a funnel. We have a bubbler and fill it with vodka. You leave it in a dark closet for 2 months and it rendered Mead (with about 15% alcohol content). You can rack it after the first month in order to reactivate the yeast, but it is not necessary.

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