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How Amputees can have more fun at Resorts:

This story ends with my having two pina coladas- one for each hand. Randall put his stump up next to my butt while we were in front of the underwater viewing window of the pool at the

Wyndham Buttes Resort in Tempe, AZ. We only lived a few miles away from there, but hung out there a lot in the summer because the room rates had deep discounts and it was the off season due to the fact it was too hot for most people at that time of year.

My first husband's (Randall) leg was amputated just months after our wedding due to Juvenile Diabetes and neglect on the doctor's and hospital's part. You may ask if we sued to, at least, force them to change their policy about not denying established patients appointments with their established doctors. We did try to sue, but the lawyers were shady and they never even filed the claim within the 2 year deadline but they kept lying to us saying that they did. We even found a lawyer who agreed to sue the lawyers for malpractice for not filing in the first place, but he eventually stopped answering our calls and our expert witness doctor totally changed his story during the deposition because the "hospital mafia" either threatened his license or life. He was able to keep his other leg another 15 more years even though they were both in the same poor shape. It was so ridiculous.

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