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Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day! When I told Floyd about how Randall increased the diameter in his veins and arteries, he explained that the increased blood flow was due to the Pi formula. For every 1X in diameter that you increase in size you get over 3X increase in blood flow! Randall was able to keep his leg 15 years longer after the first amputation by living a healthier lifestyle (eating more vegetables, exercise, and taking basic vitamins). He had severe atherosclerosis due to juvenile diabetes which ultimately killed him because he died in heart surgery. He had 2-3 heart heart attacks the last 6 months of his life, because his blood flow would stop somewhere in his body. There was so much calcium deposits built up in his vascular system which caused narrowing and blockages. This occurs naturally with aging and is increased drastically from diabetes or smoking. You do have control of some aspects of your quality life and living longer. My advise to everyone is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, never smoke, and prevent type 2 diabetes by diet and exercise if possible.

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